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The Art

of Construction.

Simplify construction leadership by creating new technological tools using Artificial Intelligence.


Having full clarity and a 360° vision of the project can be the challenge, especially when working with a multinational design team, engineers, and the clients' stakeholders.


Project Managers and Quantity surveyors can spend too much time just trying to track and coordinate projects. The client equally has no clear concise vision on the status associated with the project.


Decision making is also hugely affected as the validation period for simple matters could take up to a week. Now imagine the project scope creep, escalating schedule, and cost effects over time.

Projects turn into an exercise of value engineering and additional risk management which could have been avoided.


We've asked the following questions:

  • Does it have to be so over complicated?

  • Could we work smarter?

Our solution

A smarter more efficient delivery model with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.


The advantages of removing repetitive tasks and providing a clear vision of the project at all times in a very simple way.


The time saved is both a positive effect on the schedule and the costs. Teams are happier as they can spend more time perfecting the project than wasted hours responding to emails, creating reports, or trackers.

Our product is at the MVP Phase (Minimum Viable Product).

Should you wish to contact us to discuss collaborating or as a future investor in our software then we would be delighted to chat further.

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