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Manage your construction projects, from ONE platform with full control and access of your project data thanks to AI integration.


Design of architecture and service plans on the bespokhub platform via full integration of drawing tools and 3D modeling tools by your design team.


Specification integrated on the layout and editable directly.

Modifications users history

Automated index management

Storage of drawings in one place and accessible anytime

Automated conversion on a local format (example: design from American format convert to french format, with specifications a part of drawings - an evolution of bespokhub could add a translation variant option)



The integration of artificial intelligence makes everything possible and allow bespokhub to exploit the design package data to provide your team to extract information, and configurable statistics in real time like never before.


Quantitative, estimation, highlighting of design problems, creation and optimization of planning, everything can automated and generated in seconds thanks to AI.


Ask Samantha, the face of AI's bespokhub everything

Example of the vocal function:

  • User: Hey Samantha, what is the progression on the bids package?

  • Samantha: Architectural package is 85% finish and MEP 45%, do you want an extract report with detailed trade status?

  • User: Yes

  • Samantha: Please find a pdf format report of progression status of the bids package



No more emails, bespokhub introduce a modern and reliable way to communicate with team members by integrated a chat box and video conference call tools.


Contact directly every member of the team with the chat box, create notes directly on the application, schedule video conference call "in-house" with direct access and view of all documentation, drawings, and 3D model.



Bespokhub is accessible via mobile app, and notifications alert the user.



Get quick access to the status of your project data with a configurable dashboard. Every information you need with instant access.


Bespokhub will also send you notifications alert on critical or pending items.



A revolutionary application that intends to drastically simplify the way construction projects are directed. An automated project manager with AI integration.

No more emails, no more latency in decisions. All done through bespok
hub, including the design with a fully integrated Autodesk tool, the estimates, the signature of contracts, the calls for tenders, but also the video conferences of works and the storage of the documents of the projects, and the list goes on.

The Client has at all times all the documents and knowledge of his project which none exists elsewhere today.


Contact and join us on the extraordinary adventure on the disruption of construction management.

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